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Adult Eczema Range VS Baby Range

The difference between our adult & baby range- WHICH IS BEST?

One of our most asked questions is “what product should I get for my baby?”. Well, that all depends on the severity of their skin condition! If your little one has mild-moderate eczema then we recommend using our baby range, however, if they have severe eczema then we would recommend using our adult range as the ingredients are a little bit stronger. 


Baby Range

Our baby range is formulated with natural ingredients that have anti-inflammatory and healing properties present. Our most popular products from this range include the “Baby Eczema Cream” and “Baby Body & Bath Oil”. This combo works really well together and is actually recommended for best results. Your babies no longer have to suffer! Our baby range consists of many eczema care products as well as dry skin products/ nappy rash creams. 



We know how severe and horrible eczema can be for anyone, let alone babies. We have had amazing transformations from babies with severe eczema to very minimal eczema using our products. If your little one does suffer with severe eczema, it’s best to opt for products from our adult range as they will be more effective. 

Adult Range

Our very first product was created over 20 years ago in our kitchen! Geoff was just 3 months old when he was reported as one of the most severe cases of eczema in The Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, Australia. After dealing with severe eczema throughout his life, it wasn’t until our son Ryan was 14 months old, covered head to toe with severe eczema, that we started researching every day to try and find a way to help our son. Geoff started mixing together natural ingredients that worked for him and created our “C + Cream”. Our C + Cream provided Ryan with amazing results and he’s now living a healthy, happy life! Our products have since developed and we have many products for people with all kinds of skin conditions. 



Our adult range consists of a few main products that have helped people with severe eczema. The main ones are C + Cream, Eczema Gel, Mega Oil and Body and Bath Oil. All these products are naturally formulated also containing healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Our C + cream will moisturise and hydrate your skin whilst reducing redness and inflammation. Our Eczema Gel will provide you with relief for burning, hot eczema and provide hydration to the skin. Our Body and Bath oil can be applied directly onto your skin or added into the bath! It will replenish your skin's natural oils and soothe your skin.