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Earth Day, Every Day!

Here at Grahams Natural, we celebrate earth day, every day!

Save the planet

The earth is what we all have in common, which is why it’s so important to contribute to helping it survive. “Save the earth” is an example of a movement that aims to help our planet by educating people, making them aware of climate change along with other serious issues, and encouraging people to limit their carbon footprint emissions.

Did you know that our products are all naturally formulated with soothing and invigorating ingredients as well as many benefits for the health of your skin!

Carboon footprint

Countless skincare companies use ingredients such as micro-beads, which can be very harmful and polluting to the environment. Essentially, micro-beads are tiny plastic balls which are used in certain facial scrubs and act as an exfoliant. At Grahams Natural, it’s in our best interest to limit our carbon footprint emissions, as well as create natural products that work.

Our benefits

 Some of the benefits of our products include but aren’t limited to:


  • Safe to use on your skin (keeping in mind that everyone is different)
  • We don’t test on animals
  • Cruelty free!
  • Recyclable packaging (right down to the peanuts in each box)
  • Baby and dog range 


What to do with your packaging after use 

How to dissolve the peanuts (white foam in the package)

  1. Take the peanuts out of the box and place them in the sink
  2. Simply turn the water on and watch them dissolve into nothing
  • No need to throw them out!


Wishing you a very happy earth day, from all the team at Grahams Natural.