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Surving Summer With Rosacea

How To Help Your Rosacea In The Heat 

Rosacea (often called acne rosacea), is a skin condition that causes redness and sometimes little pus filled blisters on the skin. The cause of rosacea is typically unknown, but it could be due to a poor immune system, environmental factors, heredity or a combination of these. The demographic that is most affected is usually middle aged women. Due to this, comes self-esteem issues and low confidence. Rosacea can often be an overlooked skin condition because it's not often that you see people open up about it.

Rosacea Tips 

Avoid clothing that will make you overheat and continuously sweat. Make the most of the air conditioning and try to stay cool wherever you can! Another important factor is to stay hydrated both internally and externally… meaning that you should drink plenty of water in connection with mega oil and use rosacea cream for the external hydration. Drinking plenty of water can help prevent your blood vessels from dilating, which is the cause of the rosy rosacea look! Natural sunscreen containing no nasties or chemical UVA’s is the way to go this summer. Our Reef Friendly Sunclear Cream is just that! Our Sunscreen is SPF 40 and is naturally formulated for people who suffer from sensitive skin/ skin conditions. 

Luckily in the summer you don’t gravitate towards “hot beverages” (unless you’re crazy haha) because they can have an impact on your rosacea flare ups. Opt for cool beverages to enjoy by the pool instead (like pina coladas and summertime cocktails). Remember to be extra cautious in hot conditions so you don’t worsen your rosacea! Looking after your skin is really important. Yes, it can be annoying having to follow so many steps to protect your skin, but you’ll thank yourself later. It’s all about looking after your skin and protecting yourself from factors that can aggravate your rosacea

Mental Health and Rosacea 

People who suffer from Rosacea are likely to experience higher levels of anxiety, depression and low self-esteem than the average population (according to professionals). Summer can be enjoyable, regardless of the “strict” regime one must follow, indulge in low stress activities and have fun! Skin conditions are beautiful and a part of who you are, they make you strong. Look after yourself and take a yoga class, meditate, fuel your body with healthy food, cut down on alcohol if it impacts you the next day,  and go for long nature walks to feel connected with both your mind and body.