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Transition Your Skin From Summer to Autumn

Good News: say goodbye to sweaty days spent cooling down in front of the fan, and hello to all that autumn has to offer including falling leaves and comfy hoodies. Bad News: the changing seasons and drop in temperature, makes for dry air and even drier skin. It’s essential to adjust our skincare routines to accommodate for these changes. So, we’ve made a list of some handy tips on transitioning to the new season. 


Listen To Your Skin 

Your skin may have been oily in summer, however as we move into autumn you may notice your skin types turn more ‘normal’ or even dry. It’s important to analyse these changes, and make adjustments to your skin care routine accordingly. For instance, if you find your skin is feeling dry in the mornings, you may want to modify your skin care ritual by including a deeply hydrating night cream as an overnight treatment. 

If you want to wake up with soft and supple skin,  Grahams Natural’s Natural Hydrating Night Cream is the answer. It contains a powerful mix of hydrating ingredients including coffee extract, olive butter, shea butter and sweet almond oil to nourish and hydrate the skin while you sleep!

Go Into Recovery Mode 

If you’ve been spending many days under the sun, your skin may need some help to recover from the harsh rays. A perfect first aid kit product to help speed up the recovery is the  Sooth-it Gel, which contains healing properties of aloe vera, manuka honey and chamomile. 

Ease Up On The Exfoliating! 

Exfoliating is great as it removes skin and leaves you with a fresher complexion. However, it’s easier for your skin to become more easily irritated during the cooler months, so it’s important to ease up on the exfoliating or find a gentler exfoliation  method that won’t irritate or strip your skin of moisture. 

Moisturise Moisturise Moisturise!

When we transition into the colder months, dryness and dehydration of the skin can worsen, resulting in dullness, flaking and irritation. The key to combating this problem is ensuring you’re using products that boost hydration and moisture in your skin. 

Invest In A Humidifier 

Dry air can often lead to dry eyes, cracked lips, and irritated sinuses. Boost the hydration in your home by adding your own moisturiser to the mix with the help of a humidifier. 

There are many types of humidifiers on the market, with varying price ranges. From warm to cool mist to steam vaporisers to ultrasonic machines - these all work in effectively improving the humidity levels in the air. The one you choose is ultimately up to you and your budget, but cool mist humidifiers are generally considered the safest opinion (especially if you have children or four legged friends around). 

SPF Is Important All Year Round 

We know how important it is to slip, slop, slap during the summer… but did you know sunscreen is a skin staple all year round? Damaging UV rays are present during all seasons, and cause a majority of ageing concerns. 

Even if you have an office job and rarely are in direct exposure to the sunlight, you should still apply sunscreen every single day. This is due to the ability of UV rays to penetrate clouds and glass, which means our exposure to these rays is pretty much unavoidable. The minutes we spend driving to work, picking up a coffee at your local cafe, or sitting next to a window all adds up - making sunscreen crucial every single day! 

We recommend  Grahams Natural’s SunClear sunscreen, a protective SPF 40 sunscreen that leaves the skin feeling hydrated without feeling sticky or leaving a white cast. It’s also reef friendly, 2 hours water resistant, cruelty free, vegan and suitable for all ages and sensitive, eczema and rosacea prone skin. 

Don’t Freak Out If Your Skin Does 

Your skin needs time to adjust and adapt to a changing weather and a new skincare routine. So it’s totally normal for your skin to experience a breakout or two or small flare up during the transitioning period. If you’re worried about this, make small baby step changes to your routine and build on this over a few days or weeks. 

Hydration is Key! 

Yes yes know you hear it all the time but there’s a good reason for that! One of the most important things you can do for your skin when transitioning from summer to autumn (or really, any day of the year) is to stay hydrated. So invest in a cute reusable water bottle and keep it with you everywhere you go. Your skin will thank you.