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Why You NEED to Switch to Natural Deodorant!

Every person has their OG deodorant that they find works for them. BUT what if we told you that your mainstream deodorant might be causing you more problems than its helping?

Mainstream deodorants contain a fair amount of toxic ingredients that are then absorbed into your skin. These toxic ingredients also can throw off the bacterial balance in your armpits that then increases the actinobacteria. Increased actinobacteria from toxic ingredients causes your sweat or body perspiration to smell worse in the long term.

Another issue that arises with mainstream deodorants is that these deodorants cause several skin problems by clogging up the pores that then prevent perspiration. When the armpits pores are clogged and perspiration is prevented, the sweat will start to build below the skin. This causes bumpy, agitated and inflamed skin to appear.

Why natural Deodorant is best:

Grahams Natural Mineral Deodorant is filled with natural ingredients rather than the mainstream ingredients such as aluminium. The natural ingredients help reduce irritation that mainstream deodorants have caused and aid in the skins health by allowing the skin to absorb only natural minerals. Grahams Natural Mineral Deodorant aims to nurture and protect your armpits while keeping them feeling fresh.

How to Switch to Natural Deodorant:

Before making the switch from mainstream deodorant to natural deodorant, it is beneficial to follow these steps to allow the chemical detoxification process to occur:

  • Refrain from using any deodorant for a few days. This allows the chemicals and toxins that have been built up from your mainstream deodorant, to be pushed out of your pores.
  • Exfoliate your armpits. A good exfoliation is needed all the time for the skin however when moving from a mainstream deodorant to a natural, it will help the skin by assisting in detoxifying them.
  • Once you feel your pits are chemical free – you are now free to start using your natural deodorant, remembering that these essential oils and minerals are being absorbed into your skin and is actually benefiting its overall health.

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