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Winter Clothing for Eczema Sufferers

Best clothing for eczema in the winter

Winter clothing is hard to find for people with eczema… It can be quite a challenge to find materials that don’t initiate a flare up on your skin. If you're sick of wondering why you have eczema flare ups when the season changes, stay tuned! Certain fabrics can aggravate your skin due to the harmful toxins they contain for people with sensitive skin, eczema being the most common. 

How to stay warm this winter without having a flare up

Opt for clothing made out of materials such as hemp, silk, soft linen and 100% cotton (be careful when looking at the tag), they can come across as cotton but actually have materials such as polyester hiding in them. Hemp contains material that won’t aggravate your skin, cause overheating 

Base Layers 

Let's talk about the base layers. They are the most crucial part of winter layering. As long as your base layer is made from bamboo, silk, cotton, soft linen or hemp, then you can layer on top with your most fashionable pieces! 

Although every sufferer has different triggers, avoiding wool is definitely a smart decision for all! Some fabrics might have an effect on some people and others it might not. It’s important to avoid all potentially harmful synthetic fabrics at all costs, so you don’t have to experience the PAIN! 

If these hard to find fabrics are unavailable to you, then it’s worth experimenting with different types of textiles in order to see what your skin can tolerate. Wash your clothes regularly, using non fragrance detergents and steer clear of fabric softeners and dryer sheets. 

So the key takeaways are:

  • Avoid harmful chemicals
  • Use fragrance free detergents and be mindful of what materials your skin is directly coming in contact with
  • Wear fashionable pieces over the top of eczema friendly base layers 

If you have eczema, how will YOU keep warm this winter?