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Your Guide To Fighting Dandruff Outbreaks!

Let’s state the obvious: dandruff and dry scalp can be such a pain, and even embarrassing when you can’t get rid of those pesky white flecks that end up on your shirt. Most people dealing with it have an itchy and irritated scalp too! But no need to worry. If you’re wondering about the cause of (and quickest treatment option for) your flakes, we’ve got you covered. 

So what is dandruff? 

Dandruff is the term for flakes of skin, dried oil, and dirt build-up that develops on your scalp. The top layer of your skin is constantly being renewed and shed. This usually goes unnoticed when the cells shed one at a time. However, inflammation of the skin can cause cells to stick together and create large clumps. These clumps become visible flakes which can be seen on the scalp and shoulders when wearing dark clothing. It’s extremely common as it affects about 50 per cent of the population. 

What causes dandruff? 

There are several reasons why you may be experiencing a flaky and itchy scalp: 

  • You’ve got a dry scalp

  • In some cases, dandruff flakes are simply a result of a dry scalp that has very little oil on it. This can happen due to poor scalp care, such as using drying hair care products too often. That’s why your everyday hair care products should be rich and hydrating to prevent a dry scalp! It’s important to use natural hair care products like Grahams Natural’s  Natural Shampoo and  Natural Conditioner which are free from sulphates and harsh chemicals that can dry out and strip your skin and scalp from essential oils. A dry scalp tends to flake and itch the same way as dandruff, but usually the flakes you’ll experience with dry skin are smaller and less oily. 


  • Not shampooing enough

  • If you don’t wash your hair on a regular basis then oils and skin cells can build up on your scalp leading to dandruff. This doesn’t always mean you’re unhygienic! You could simply not be using enough shampoo, or the shampoo you’re using just isn’t cutting it. 


  • Allergies

  • People are allergic to all sorts of things! So it’s possible your scalp is reacting to an allergy to your hair care products? Have you recently added a new product to your hair care routine? If your scalp is irritated, itchy or sore after using a certain product, this may be the case. The first step to handling this is to stop using the suspected product. Not sure what exactly it could be? Try using a process of elimination method to test what’s working, and what isn’t. 


  • You may have a skin condition 

  • Dandruff can also result from certain skin conditions, including psoriasis, eczema, and seborrheic dermatitis. 


  • Too much yeast! 

  • Malassezia is a fungus that everyone has on their scalp. It only causes issues when there’s too much of it growing. So why does it accumulate? There’s many factors to blame, including harsh chemicals, the weather, medications and stress levels. 


    How to treat dandruff 

    Dandruff can be a real burden especially during the cooler months. This is because skin is prone to drying out in winter months which can make dandruff worse. It can be difficult to identify whether your dandruff is caused by an overgrowth of yeast or a simply dry scalp. The good news is the first-step method to treat them both is the same:  Grahams Natural’s Scalp Relief Care Pack. 
    The Scalp Relief Care Pack is everything you would require to help get your dandruff under control. This targeted scalp pack includes a Scalp Relief Cream & Scalp Relief Shampoo. 

    Grahams Scalp Relief Cream is scientifically formulated for the relief of dry, itchy & flaky scalps. It is designed to improve scalp health. It moisturises, soothes and provides relief for scalp itchiness associated with dry, irritated scalp. It is formulated with Manuka Honey for skin-soothing moisturisation, Calendula to calm irritation and Jojoba Seed Oil for its cooling and soothing effect. It is clinically formulated to provide relief. It is suitable for daily and long term use. 
    HOW TO USE: Apply the cream to the affected areas and massage gently. The hair can be wet or dry when applying the cream to the scalp. Grahams Natural Scalp Relief Cream helps to prevent and relieve the symptoms of plaques and itchy scalps. 

    Grahams Scalp Relief Shampoo will help to reduce your flaky scalp. It is formulated to soothe dry, itchy and sensitive scalps while hydrating your hair. It gently cleanses, removing dirt and build-up, while hydrating the scalp and restoring the hair's luster. Grahams Natural Scalp Relief Shampoo protects and nourishes the scalp and includes a Peppermint Oil for its cooling and soothing effect. 
    HOW TO USE: Massage into the hair and scalp working into a lather/. Rinse Thoroughly.