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    Premium Kangaroo Kidney 150G

    paw printDescription

    Did you know that the food we feed our pets can be a contributing factor to skin allergies? 

    Common mainstream protein meats such as chicken, beef or lamb can cause food sensitivities or allergies when these foods are fed often to our pets. Novel protein foods are those which contain a protein source from a less mainstream animal than what we commonly see in typical dog food or treats!

    If your dog suffers from sensitivities or allergies, novel proteins may help alleviate these symptoms.

    Pet Drs know that treats are an important part of a dogs life, which is why we have carefully crafted these novel protein treats specifically for sensitive tummies and skin that cannot cause irritations to your furry friends!

    paw printKey Benefits
    • Hypoallergenic in nature
    • High protein, low in fat
    • Enriched with vitamins
    • Dogs that suffer from internal issues such as pancreatitis can consume kangaroo meat
    • Lean meat ratio in Kangaroo meat is rich and high in vitamin B, omega 3’s, iron & zinc in comparison to typical animal-based products
    • High levels of zinc and iron can strengthen your dog’s immune system and cell membranes
    paw printIngredients

    100% Premium Australian Kangaroo Kidney 

    Customer Reviews

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    G O.
    Our Labradoodle adores Roo Chews!

    Our medium sized labradoodle can be fussy about his food and treats but he adores the dried kangaroo kidney treats. Broken up into small pieces and sprinkled over the top of his dinner can be helpful as a starter to get him to eat his whole bowl of dinner. We appreciate that they do not have any hidden chemicals or additives and that they are Australian made. We humans find the odor strong but our doggo thinks they are aromatic and delicious!