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Therapeutic Fur-Favourite Pack

Size: 200ml
paw printDescription

Does your pet suffer from allergies or sensitive skin? Our Therapeutic Fur-Favourite Pack is the essential pack for any pup suffering from these problems. 

Treating the issue on the outside is just as important as treating the inside! 

Our Therapeutic Fur-Favourite pack includes:

This pack provides a natural solution for dogs that have itchy and irritated skin. All products have been specially formulated with your pets’ sensitive skin in mind.

paw printKey Benefits
  • Go-to pack for treating skin issues/irritations as a whole
  • Pet Drs shampoo is soap-free and hypoallergenic
  • We use pH-balanced natural ingredients of Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, and  Vitamin E that will not irritate your best friends’ sensitive skin.
  • Mega Oil will naturally enhance your pet’s health targeting specifically their coats, skin, joints, digestion as well as heart and brain support. 
  • Reduces inflammation inside the body
  • Derma uses natural ingredients such as Manuka Honey to control the bacteria,  Calendula and Gotu Kola to reduce the inflammation, and Avocado, Jojoba Oil, and Shea Butter to hydrate the skin for up to 6 hours. 
paw printHow to Use

Bathe your pet in our Natural Shampoo once every two weeks or when required. 

Apply the Derma cream to the affected area 1-2 times daily for best results. If irritation occurs on the paw, try our Non-slip Dog Socks for extra protection and to prevent licking!

Add the correct amount of Mega Oil to their food once daily for best results.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Valerie R.

Excellent service and super fast delivery

Leanne H.
First time user of these products

Hi just bought the pack of three. My dog has yeast under his chin . I have been putting the cream on and using the oil but haven’t seen any significant improvements yet. He is still itchy and when I clean it there is still a lot of yeast build up. Hopefully this improves

Debra C.
Works wonderfully

As a new customer of PetDrs i was a little skeptical on trying different things to stop my dog from scratching her ears so much which has resulted in sever cauliflower ears and the Derma Cream has helped so muc so far. The oil i put into her food and she is enjoying the taste. Shampoo is yet to be tried due to our fickle weather and little miss needs to be groomed as she is rather shaggy after winter. I will continue using these products knowing it is helping her greatly. Thankyou for such amazing products

Anne P.
Less itchy

I have yet to use the shampoo but have been using the oil and the cream for a bit over a week. Initially everything seemed worse but I remembered the old saying about things getting worse before getting better and that was true. I'm happy with where we are and I'm sure Phoebe is much happier as well. I would recommend these products to try. Price is very reasonable.


Shampoo has make a difference both with itching and with odour. The Megan oil she loves and its truly has given her a new spring in her step.