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We love hearing feedback from our customers! It really is why we love what we do everyday! 

Here are a few amazing testimonials that we have received.


I’ve tried so many things over the years been to skin specialists drs and etc etc etc water burns my hands when they are angry BUT i was so surprised when i put on some of the c+ that darren gave me and it didnt burn.. amazing and it settles the itch faster than anything ive ever used... i cant use deodorant under my arms or they burn & itch except "one" that ive found.. im sure your ones will be MUCH better for me also.. and i use alpha keri gentle wash as soap in the shower and to wash my hands..i used to use Avene XeraCalm A.D Cleansing Oil but its so expensive.

thank you again im very happy best stuff i have used

Nikki BeforeNikki After

 ever after suffering for many many years. it stops the itch when they have a flare up almost immediately. 

the way it stops the way it stops the itch is amazing. the drs had me taking 2 phernaghans (or however its spelt) a day at one point for the itch.. made me like a zombie.. was using steroid cream also..

im just happy ive finally found something that works.... regards Nikki

Nikki January 22, 2019 (you can view full testimonial on Grahams Natural Facebook page)

Before and after photos of my daughters eczema after using Graham’s Natural Skin Products. This is only about a weeks difference and what amazing results! I’ve used so many products and nothing has worked. I can’t praise this product enough.









Leish Latham June 30, 2018


Alysha Before After


From: Robyn R

Date: 13 October 2018 at 9:19:25 am AEST
To: Geoff Graham <>
Subject: Re: Thank you

Hello Geoff,

Thank you for the warm welcome and the prompt delivery of the goods. Since my young nephew came into my care 16 months ago, I have been trying to improve his range of health and developmental issues. His Eczema has been very difficult, and I have been unhappy at the amount of steroid creams I have been using to try and get it under control. I have tried a range of natural alternatives with little success. I received the package last night and bathed him in the oil and put the cream on. I am being cautiously optimistic, but the large red patches particularly around his knees have already faded to a dull pink after 2 applications. PLUS, a big big plus, he isn't crying that the cream is burning his sores as he usually does with the steroids. 

Thank you again

Regards Robyn


From: Katie P
Date: 29 September 2018 at 4:47:18 am GMT+4
To: Geoff Graham <>
Subject: Re: Thank you, again

Hi Geoff,
What an amazing product you have made! Right from the start our little baby girl had very sensitive skin. She had the worst nappy rash that made her cry every nappy change and during her bath times. It was heartbreaking to see her in pain, especially as first time parents. Using the nappy rash cream, you designed helped to soothe her bottom so well. Then we found she had sensitive skin when it came to using generic bath washes and creams. So we went straight to your product and couldn’t be happier! They are fantastic, and it helps moisturize her skin so well as she was starting to get slight peeling on her arms and face. It’s so reassuring to know that what we are putting on her skin will not cause any irritation and discomfort. Honestly so happy that I found your product after seeing it advertised on TV one night.
So thank you for creating such a great product that we are confident to use and recommend to friends and family.
Warm regards,

From: Greg S 
Sent: Thursday, September 27, 2018 10:52 AM
Subject: baby products feedback

Hi Dean,

I have some feedback from my daughter-in-law about the baby products & thought I’d pass it on.

My granddaughter (Thea) (cute as a button) is now 8 months old, started getting dry skin & eczema when she was approx. 5 months old so naturally, I bombarded her with the products along with the story and education.

She used the oil several times a day which included in her bath at night time & the baby eczema cream when needed. She was totally surprised at how well it worked together. She found an eczema patch on her cheek so she popped a little on there but it seemed a bit to strong for there as it made it very red almost like a burn. I suggested to just use a small amount of oil daily instead which has done the trick.

You sent me awhile ago a baby moisturising cream & baby body wash so I gave it to her to try. Now a month down the track she has her own little routine going with the baby body wash for in the bath instead of the oil & she uses the oil afterwards which then still hydrates during the night. During the day she alternates between the oil & moisturising cream. She found this combination works well for Thea & she rarely has to use the baby eczema cream.

She hasn’t had to use the cradle cap oil much but said when she did it worked a treat! She is still using the nappy cream too.

Just wanted to share a success story from someone you know. It’s also great as she goes to Mum & baby groups etc


Sue S


Picked up a tube of your psoriasis cream yesterday.

I don't have this condition but have had hypothyroidism for many years which means dry, tough skin, Probably just 'a touch' of sun damage as well.

Have tried every moisturising cream known to man and nothing works.

I am also a registered nurse, so my hands are constantly stress from continual hand washing and hand gels.

Started applying the cream yesterday and applied plenty before retiring.

I noticed on the box it says the cream absorbs into the skin - well I've heard that one before.

I am sending you this email to let you know I am totally amazed at the improvement in my skin.

I know it has not been long but already there is an improvement.

Dryness and scaliness reduced and already a little bit softer.

I did not believe the cream would be beneficial as nothing else has been BUT - it's amazing!!!!!

Thank you!!!!!!



From: Jill S

Sent: Friday, 14 September, 2018 5:44 PM

To: Geoff Graham <>

Subject: Re: Thank you, again

Hi Geoff 😊

I have been having trouble with an Insanely itchy scalp for a couple of years now, and have been trying all sorts of different so called sensitive skin shampoos and conditioners. I’m 56 years old and been getting my hair coloured for about 20 years have developed a sensitivity to that too. Mainly because my scalp had small open sores and the die stung, I was almost at a point when I was going to tell my hairdresser to stop colouring it, I am quiet grey.

I saw your story on a current affairs show on tv, and thought that I’d give a new product  one last try. Instantly my scalp stopped itching! A couple of weeks later I had my hair coloured, no stinging! I love your product.

I have suffered with sensitive skin since I was a child and have always been able to control it. So I am used to being careful, but never had an issue with my scalp before.

Thank you for producing such an incredible product Jill S


From: Sharnee S 
Sent: Friday, 31 August, 2018 6:58 PM
Subject: Re: New customer message on August 12, 2018 at 11:47 AM

Hi Geoff, many thanks for your follow up email.

Yes, I was taking antihistamines at night to help with the itching which did help a little I guess but not totally.

I popped into my local Chemist Warehouse at Wynnum as I was looking to try to sample (patch test) the product but they didn't have a sample bottle and stated that they don't have sample bottles available as they'd have to write off a whole bottle.

I did mention that I'd emailed the manufacturer and was advised that they would have a sample bottle but alas they don't (I just thought I'd provide you that feedback in case if was part of your agreement with them).  So I just bit the bullet so to speak and purchased the large tube (as it was better value) as my eczema is so extensive.

Great news!  I had no reaction (ie due to my sensitive skin) and I saw great results within a couple of day ie it wasn't as angry and red and weepy.  I'm so pleased with your product I don't have to apply the cream anymore.  I'm just using the bath oil after my shower which I was doing religiously, and in time the purple skin scarring I hope will fade.  Going on past experience will take a few months and then I'll be back to normal.  But I'll be better prepared for next Winter and will have your product on  hand.  (Hopefully it won't have expired by then).  And hopefully I won't have too many outbreaks prior to then either.

Here's the review I posted on the Chemist Warehouse website tonight - FYI:

Excellent Product - A God Send!

I purchased the cream recently as my eczema was so severe I was hesitant to keep using steriod creams and I wanted a more natural product. I saw results within a few days and the itch ceased. I can't praise it enough. I have very sensitive skin but had no troubles. I wish I'd found this product years ago!

Thanks for creating this great product.  From a very happy customer!


On 7 Aug. 2018 8:00 pm, 

Hi geoff 

Your cream is a god send 

My partner has suffered eczema since a young child 

It has been on and off mainly in the winter season or working on heavy mechinary and has struggled to find a cure for his often occuring eczema not even doctors cortizone creams would work

There would be days he would itch and itch and itch making himself bleed was terrible.

I am so thankful for the night you first aired on tv i brought your cream that night and it arrived 2 days later 

my partner started using it instantly in hope he finally found something that would help him

It started working but not quite  

That’s when i read your bottle and it stated that, to use the bathing oils and soaps 

So on next round of ordering a new tube of cream i also ordered your soap 

My god the difference is unreal i have attached photo collage 

Toni H


From: Natalie M
Sent: Friday, 27 July, 2018 12:59 PM
To: Geoff Graham <>
Subject: Re: Thank you

Hi Geoff

Thanks for your products. We have great results within a week of use.

Before pic is on the right

Natalie's Baby

 Thanks Natalie


From: Patricia F 
Sent: Friday, 27 July, 2018 1:11 PM
To: Geoff Graham <>
Subject: RE: Thank you, again

Thanks for your email.  I saw a short video on facebook and thought I’d give your products a try after having eczema under my feet for several years. Most ointments and creams have given little in the way of relief and healing so I figured I had nothing to lose. I have been attending a dermatologist for around a year and even the strongest ointment he could prescribe didn’t help much. This year I had 39 uv light treatments with some success but I found since using your oil and cream my feet are improving quite a bit. Using it as soon as the itch starts has helped me not to scratch and make them worse. So I decided to order a bigger amount this time. I was surprised that my first shipment arrived the day after ordering. I look forward to receiving my second order.


Patricia Franks.

PS I have shared your video on facebook


Hi! I just wanted to let you know how great your eczema cream is! I’m 21 and have had eczema on and off my whole life, and nothing has worked as well as your cream! I was amazed at the difference of even just one day of treatment! I have already recommended it to many people, and my mom tells her patients about it too. I’m so glad I found a product that works so well and is natural! Thank you!

Francine F


Customer e-mail address: rmw88@xxxxx

Customer message: Hello, i just want to let you know how grateful I am to have found your rosacea cream. Over the years i have spent a fortune on creams that have been worse than useless, your product hasn't cured my rosacea but it has improved it so much that i can go out in public and not feel miserable about my face anymore. So, a big thank you .😊


From: Ron M 
Sent: Tuesday, 10 April, 2018 10:38 AM
Subject: RE Rosacea Cream

Hi Geoff,

Re our conversation this morning Re the Rosacea Cream. My Daughter Shirley Matthews finds the the product is so good for her Rosacea that it is clearing up the problem in the last few day’s she is so pleased with the product even her GP was so surprised with her face the way it is clearing up her problem. She said she would recommend the product to any one that has Rosacea. It has cleared up the problem in her eye’s as well she has been using it on her face. She saw her eye consultant the other day he was so pleased her eye’s was so better. She said she can recommend what it has done for her to all your customers that has Rosacea.

Thank you Geoff.

 Kind Regards

 Shirley M