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    Great product

    This is my second time purchasing this product. And my hands have been the best they have ever been since I can remember. Even though it’s really good. I still get red spots on my hands.

    Bath oil

    I thought I would give this oil a try as other products that I had purchased from this company have been fabulous and didn’t disappoint it is great my skin is amazing only wish I could buy in bigger size

    Amazing products!

    This product work really well!

    Great stuff

    This stuff is awesome. Works great. Was on the verge of getting steroids and this stuff healed it. I love it.

    Psoriasis Cream
    Joseph S.

    Hi ! This product is great ! After a week of use . There gas been a difference. Thank you for developing this Amazing Cream.

    It did my baby really wrong, it gave her rashes and her skin got worse so i stopped using it

    Baby Eczema Bath & Body Oil

    I searched for months to find a product like one that was discontinued in the US. My little guy has terrible eczema and bath oil has been our only saving grace. I was thrilled when I came across Grahams Naturals and their eczema products. A bath oil!! It was more wonderful than we could ever have asked for! So thankful for this product and it keeps my little guy’s skin hydrated and protected and feel like silk.

    Mega Oil
    Toni A.
    I’m sold

    Very happy with this, aptly named, “Mega” Oil. On the third week of taking and I can see a gradual but definite improvement in my skin.
    It feels good to be treating my skin internally. I’m sold! Just about to place a second multiple order.

    Baby Therapeutic Pack
    Samantha C.

    Seriously almost gave up on finding a soothing solution to my son's eczema until my sister found this on tiktok and sent it to me so I ordered it and it definitely cleared up my son's eczema but it's just the scratching from his allergies that make it worse but definitely buying more!

    My holy grail!

    I've had terrible eczema my entire life and have been using steroids for the majority of my flare ups. I'm 23 now and finally had enough of the steroid withdrawals, worse flareups, and dryness/wrinkles that came with using them for so long. I decided to go the natural route, to no avail, until I found Grahams Natural. Consistency really is key and I saw noticeable improvement after two months using the baby cream (the C+ cream was sold out when I first purchased). I wholeheartedly recommend this product to anyone.

    Pet Drs Mega Oil
    Sandra H.
    Dr Paws Mega Oil

    I have tried so many products for my Staffie and her itching and this is the only thing that has helped.

    Great Eczema Relief

    This product definitely helps! My son has been battling with eczema since he was a couple months and it was exhausting going through all the trial and error with different creams and ointments. This has been able to give him some relief which is a God send. The only downside is that the product goes really fast for the price.

    Mega Oil
    Heather S.

    This. Oil cleared up some long term blemishes which I had almostt given up on

    Rosacea cream

    Very gentle

    Shark skin - zoey my shitzu wont eat it

    Hi team, unfortunately my dog wont eat the shark skin. And i have no use of the pack. She loves the beef ears ans shark cartilage but doesnt eat pig ears so maybe this is similar taste. I have only taken out one. Is there a way to return or exchange the item.

    Gel hot spot

    Instant relief given ✅✅

    So far so good

    My youngest son has been battling with eczema for almost 4 years and he has been referred to a specialist, they prescribed so many different cremes, ointments with steroids but it did not improve. It has actually worsened, but when my husband saw your product on TikTok, he asked me to order and let my son try it…I ordered the bath oil and this crème and so far, after 2 weeks of using it, we have seen an improvement of his eczema. We know it will take a while but we can see the difference now. He told me that he liked this product because he doesn’t feel itchy and it makes him feel comfortable to sleep at night. I have to order more of this , although it will take longer to arrive in Canada, but it is worth it. So happy and satisfied

    Rosacea Cream

    I'm a middle aged guy and I don't know if I had Rosacea but if I didn't shave for a few days I would get a rash around the mouth and chin. When I did shave I would get open sores. That's all gone now with a once a day application before bed or immediately after shaving. Thank you.

    Dry Skin Pack

    I have tried may products over the years to help me not scratch off my skin. After the shower is the worst. BUT! NOW! WOW! I use my body wash then dry off and layer up oil and moisture. My skin feels amazing and I do not have any skin irritations. The hand cream is also wonderful through out the day.

    Our Labradoodle adores Roo Chews!

    Our medium sized labradoodle can be fussy about his food and treats but he adores the dried kangaroo kidney treats. Broken up into small pieces and sprinkled over the top of his dinner can be helpful as a starter to get him to eat his whole bowl of dinner. We appreciate that they do not have any hidden chemicals or additives and that they are Australian made. We humans find the odor strong but our doggo thinks they are aromatic and delicious!

    First time user of these products

    Hi just bought the pack of three. My dog has yeast under his chin . I have been putting the cream on and using the oil but haven’t seen any significant improvements yet. He is still itchy and when I clean it there is still a lot of yeast build up. Hopefully this improves

    Shampoouch Pack
    lorraine d.

    We really liked using the brush and shampoo a lot including the perfume it gave and our Cavoodle liked it being used too. 😁 great delivery service including packaging etc. the company gives a caring feel about the whole operation.

    Psoriasis Cream
    Roslyn R.
    Psoriasis Cream

    Since moving to the coast 10 years ago from a dry inland city, my mild psoriasis symptoms have diminished. Elbow and knee symptoms have disappeared, leaving only the palms of my hands with the problem of skin splitting if I don't use an ointment. Grahams Psoriasis Cream has helped to control any outbreaks and leaves my hands soft and clear.


    I saw on tik tok and ordered and it has helped my redness and irritation so much I just started using so I haven’t used enough to see if it helps remove my eczema but has 100% helped the redness and the itching I’m so happy I tried it. It did take a little while to deliver to Canada but worth the wait

    Mineral Deodorant

    Love this range! I use rose predominantly but they’re all lovely. Works well for odour control without stopping you from sweating. This product is not sticky and doesn’t stain your clothes either. I’ve tried many natural deodorants and this has been my favourite.