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    Pet Drs Shampoo Brush

    Mint Green
    Pastel Pink

    Tired of struggling washing your pet? We have the perfect solution with our revolutionary 2 in 1 shampoo dispensing design washing brush that allows for easy foam distribution. Suitable for Dogs and Cats.

    Pet Drs Shampoo Brush not only can provide a quick and all-round thorough washing of your pets, but also eliminate the mess. It has a non-slip ring hand grip for a comfortable grasp making it easier to bath and groom your pets.

    Provides your pet an effective and gentle massage when bathing, it will also improve blood circulation, giving your dog or cat a very enjoyable bath. It also provides the added convenience of shedding and cleaning pet hair. A great massage for short-haired pets.

    Pet Drs brushes are made of 100% high grade and odorless silicone bristles, with no harmful toxins or contaminants and is soft on your pets skin.

    Pet Drs Shampoo brush has an 80ml (shampoo is not included) capacity so can easily wash multiple pets at once.

    Available in 3 colours: Green, Pink and Yellow

    Directions for use:

    Pour your Pet Drs shampoo into the reservoir, squeeze the brush and clean and massage your pet.


    • Deshedding
    • Brushing
    • Massaging
    • Exfoliating

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