Tips To Prevent Skin Breakouts

Tips To Prevent Skin Breakouts

Have you noticed your breakouts seem to get worse in the winter?

During the hot summer months, pesky breakouts and congested pores are difficult to avoid. You may think wintertime will give your skin a much needed break from these issues, but excessive dryness has a counterintuitive effect of further irritating the skin and causing more breakouts. The lack of moisture in the environment can weaken your skin’s moisture barrier, leaving it more susceptible to debris, bacteria, and infection. This provides an ideal environment for the development of acne breakouts. Bottom line: when winter comes, a regimen shakeup is due. 

But no need to chuck out all your skincare products just yet. All you might need is a few simple swaps and additions to keep your skin happy and hydrated. Let’s go over some helpful tips for those with acne-prone dry skin dealing with the cooler season. 

Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise (seriously)

Yes, we know you probably already knew this… but it’s so important!
If your skin tends to feel particularly dry or tight, you may need more than a lightweight moisturiser. When swapping or adding products into your routine, always remember the golden rule: introducing thicker products into your routine gradually is key to avoiding breakouts. 

Avoid Hot Showers and Toasty Indoor Heating 

When winter rolls around, a nice hot shower can be very tempting, but beware! Taking hot showers and not moisturising can create cracks in the skin, resulting in what looks like paper cuts and eczema. And no, that doesn’t mean you adopt the polar dip method of showering. Simply avoid standing under a scalding shower head for longer than necessary. 

If you MUST have a hot shower, make sure you moisturise straight away. Also, applying the body and bath oil to your skin before you step into the shower will create a barrier between your skin and water, so the latter doesn’t drain the oils from your skin. 

Wear Sunscreen 

We can’t stress enough - sun protection is important ALL YEAR ROUND! The skin is susceptible to harmful UV rays every day of the year, regardless of rain, hail or shine. If you’re concerned about pore clogging, purchase a non-comedogenic product that contains zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. 

Change Your Pillowcase

Did you know your pillowcase might be causing your breakouts?
If your pillowcase isn’t washed or changed regularly, a buildup of dirt and oil accumulates from the environment, as well as your skin and hair touching the pillow. All of this is transferred back to your skin when you hit the hay. This may cause clogged pores and breakouts.
Some ways you can take preventative steps are: 

  • Make sure your face is squeaky clean before you go to bed every night.
  • Use a pillowcase made out of natural fabrics - these materials breathe better and transfer less oil. 
  • Wash your pillowcases regularly - this ensures you’re not lying on a pillowcase with several days worth of dirt and oil on the surface. 

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