What is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is an autoimmune condition that commonly presents itself in the form of scaling and redness of the skin. Psoriasis occurs when there is an intensified production of the skin, accumulating in white patches on the knee, elbow and scalp areas. It can also have an impact on the joints but in most cases, outbreaks come in the form of patches known as psoriatic plaques. Contrary to popular belief, psoriasis is not the same as eczema (although often confused), and it is not contagious (Healthline, 2021). 

Symptoms & Types of Psoriasis

The symptoms associated with psoriasis are often confused with eczema, you can read more about eczema here. Typically the skin on the area affected by psoriasis comes with a silver or white color (Web MD, 2020). Other symptoms may include:

A doctor should be able to diagnose psoriasis with a simple visual check up. There is no need to perform special tests or other medical procedures to diagnose this condition, however, if there are other symptoms present on the skin, doctors may conduct a skin biopsy (Mayo Clinic, 2022).

Psoriasis Causes & Triggers

Modern medicine has still not identified the exact cause of this disease. However, it is commonly believed the immune system and genetics play key roles. The genetics of psoriasis are complex, and it is possible to develop psoriasis even if you have no family history of the disease. A triggering event may cause a change in the immune system, resulting in the onset of psoriasis symptoms.

While the exact cause is unknown, we are aware of a number of triggers that can cause psoriasis symptoms to flare. Triggers will vary from person to person, so it’s important to learn what your body needs to help manage this disease (National Psoriasis Foundation, 2021).

Types of Psoriasis

Just like many other skin conditions, psoriasis can come in different forms. Below are the most common types of the condition.

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Additional Information About Psoriasis:

Psoriasis Australia

Psoriasis Australia is the only Australian charity at the forefront of raising awareness and understanding of Psoriatic Disease (Psoriasis – PSO and Psoriatic Arthritis – PSA) with the medical profession and wider Australian public.

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