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    Love this product!

    Works great! We love this product!!

    Love it
    Love the Intensive body wash
    Love the Eczema cream
    Just Love it


    After all this time I have finally found something to get my rosacea under control. I saw results within a couple of days and although the cleanser feels a bit drying, it is working. I have been applying a small amount of the cream a few times a day or whenever i feel the urge to touch or scratch. I am so pleased with this product.

    Awesome Product

    Have been battling the worst Eczema I've ever had on my hands for the past 11 months, tried so many products but nothing seemed to work and don't like using steroid ointment too much. Seen this product online and tried a small tube to see if it would work for me, After one night an instant change, my hands have started to get normal colour back in them. So happy I've found this product

    Baby Therapeutic Pack
    Ericka D.B.
    Must have product

    I’ve tried all the baby eczema products you can think of! I came across graham products and was shocked to see results within hours! The redness flare up from my 7 month old son wasn’t as red. Mind you his had eczema since birth! Not once have I seen his skin so calm. After using the products for 3 days straight his flare up was gone the bumps were gone all you can see is the scaring from all the scratching he did. YOU NEED TO TRY IT ITS AMAZING! 100% recommend. If you would like to see picture you can go to my Instagram under baby eczema highlights @neerodoh

    Great product

    I have found the soap bar to be very a good combination with the body wash that I use keeps my skin feeling good

    Natural Body Wash
    Larry C.
    This product is excellent

    I have found this body wash to make my skin feel nice and smooth and to stop me from itching afterwards I have used there products for sometime and found great relief from my eczema problem

    This product is excellent

    This product is excellent to keep my eczema under control without using a cortisone ointment. It leaves my hands with a smooth texture and feeling good

    Rosacea pack

    Love this product

    Very gentle

    This is one of my must have for my babies. Whenever their eczema flares up this always helps soothes their skin. It’s very hydrating and doesn’t sting their skin like other ones I’ve tried. Would definitely recommend 😊

    Pet Drs Derma Cream
    Bernadette N.
    derma Creme

    Very happy with this product for my dog. He does lick it off so can anyone advise me on what size dog socks to buy for Jack Russell. I did buy the small ones but no good. Thankyou.

    All products

    I have used your products for some time and find them all top quality.

    Scalp relief

    Found this on TikTok and I am not disappointed! Has worked wonders for my post party’s dandruff itchy scalp!

    Works wonderfully

    As a new customer of PetDrs i was a little skeptical on trying different things to stop my dog from scratching her ears so much which has resulted in sever cauliflower ears and the Derma Cream has helped so muc so far. The oil i put into her food and she is enjoying the taste. Shampoo is yet to be tried due to our fickle weather and little miss needs to be groomed as she is rather shaggy after winter. I will continue using these products knowing it is helping her greatly. Thankyou for such amazing products

    just maybe

    i ordered a 2nd pack bcos i thot at least it seemed to give him some relief, but of late i have noticed a lesser redness in his armpits and inside back legs. I am attributing this to the oil and i hope it continues with the creams giving him relief..........for over 2 years i have spent nearly $2000 on vets medication and other online products, i cant keep that up, i am happy with the oil and creams atm, he will see the vet this week for another checkover.

    Bath bliss

    Use both as a bath oil and directly to my skin. Absorbs easy. Great product

    Very soothing and hydrating.

    Amazingly soothing. Kept my skin hydrated. Would recommend to anyone that suffers psoriasis.

    Acne Pack
    Kerri H.
    Acne Pack

    Ordered this for my 16 year old son. In 2 weeks we’ve seen a slight change for the good in his acne. His face is not as red and angry as it normally is. Will continue to use, to see if we get a good result and it helps clear up his face

    Scalp Relief Shampoo

    New customer of Grahams Natural Alternatives. I suffer dry itchy scalp due to eczema. I can confirm the Scalp Relief Shampoo has eased the itch and flaking dramatically, I came across Grahams on Facebook, the story of starting this business due to your son and your own childhood suffering I felt drawn to trying the products. I have tried numerous other products on the market, all of which fail to take the itch away. I rarely get eczema anywhere else on my body, but when it does flare up I have the body soap to try. Thank you.

    Mineral Deodorant
    Virginia E.
    The Best

    I’ve tried quite a few deodorants that are without the harmful ingredients in many, but this Is the first one that really works. I am a sweater. It has been a very hot summer in the west of Canada. But this deodorant came through. I am very grateful for having found it. It was recommended by my sister in Ontario.

    Baby Starter Pack
    Kimberley K.
    Baby Starter Pack

    Very impressed.
    Was hesitant picking a product to use on my premature baby.
    All the baby products are so gentle on her skin

    Mineral Deodorant
    Kimberley K.

    So impressed, I use the rose one and it smells so good and works wonders.

    Nappy Rash Cream
    Kimberley K.
    Nappy Rash Cream

    AMAZING! My newborn had a sore on her bottom that didn’t go away for weeks after using various creams. We used Graham’s nappy rash cream for three days and it went away.
    Absolute life saver

    Grahams Body & Bath Oil
    Kimberley K.
    Body & Bath Oil

    I have been using this product for years. As a child I had eczema, using this bath oil gave me relief. I am now in my late twenties and still use this product. It gives me so much relief for my sensitive skin


    I use this sunscreen on my 6 month old.
    Made her skin feel so soft and gives me peace of mind knowing it’s natural