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    Rosacea Cream

    Thank you for your patience in awaiting my testimonial. It may appear long-winded because I had much factual information to convey.

    Briefly, most of my adult life I have been under the care of several dermatologists for two ongoing skin conditions; facial rosacea and a scalp disease.

    In 1992 I was diagnosed with Folliculitis De Calvans, an autoimmune disease of the scalp. The treating doctor recommended a prescription that revealed a pregnant woman's tummy on each capsule with an X over each tummy. As was customary at the time, the doctor warned every female patient that should they become pregnant while taking this toxic drug, detrimental side effects could impair their fetus. In my desperation to combat this disease, I ingested those toxic capsules.

    Soon after I ingested these drugs and during a follow up appointment, I shared with my dermatologist that my cheek felt numb. Instantly, he took me off that drug.

    Thirty years have passed. Folliculitis De Calvans has resulted in alopecia (hair loss that extends across the top of my scalp).

    A few weeks ago I had a follow up dermatologist appointment. Upon examining my facial skin, the doctor expressed surprise at the condition of my facial rosacea and inquired what I was using and for how long. I shared with him that I had recently discovered Grahams Natural Alternatives, a company located in Australia that produces natural health based skin products.

    I also shared with the doctor that I have been applying Grahams' natural skin cleanser and the rosacea cream to my face daily. The improvement has been considerable; my skin appears clean and healthy looking, the pores have opened up and the rosacea redness does not present 'so angry looking'.

    In conclusion, I am delighted to report that my skin is now being well managed by Grahams Natural Alternatives, plus, I have no worries of developing detrimental side effects to toxic medication.


    Body wash!

    A big thank you for your Grahams body wash. I had tried everything on the shelf at the chemist and every brand made my itchy dry skin worse. My skin has improved immensely using your product, And I am recommending it to family and friends. Kind regards Suzanne

    Incredible results!

    Dear Mr. Graham, I was diagnosed with eczema last year at the age of 59. I have had some very bad flare ups and have resorted to steroid creams. I also eliminated dairy and processed sugar from my diet. The only gluten I eat is in the artesian bread that my husband makes. It does have some gluten, however, the bread is fermented. We generally have a very healthy diet including participating in community supported agriculture for organic vegetables. 0 I was very despondent as the rash was on my legs, arms and face. I eliminated soap and started using coconut oil and over the counter creams formulated for eczema. My sister became very concerned when she saw me in a flare up. She then proceeded to do extensive research on the internet for natural creams to treat eczema and psoriasis. She ordered C+ Eczema Cream and Psoriasis Cream. I was very skeptical but tried them anyway. My husband has two patches of psoriasis (knee/elbow) that he has had for 40 years. I used both creams on my eczema. It was simply amazing on how it controls my eczema without the use of steroids. The psoriasis cream seems to work better but has a strong odor. Therefore, I use the eczema cream on my face. I am too uncomfortable to send pictures, but, it truly is amazing. Therefore, I recently ordered C+ Eczema Cream, Psoriasis Cream, Bath Oil and moisturizing cream for my face. I cannot thank you enough for helping me with my eczema. I am praying that the creams continue to work so I do not need steroids or immunosuppressant drugs. Thank you again. Lynn

    Thank you!

    I just wanted to thank you I have just started trying your rosacea cream for the past 6 months I have had problems with a rosacea flare up with pustules and the regular antibiotic therapy and rosex gel was not helpful so my friend saw some of your cream and got it for me and within a week the pustules have improved my face is not hurting day and night I know it is not a cure for my rosacea but it has helped me no end so I just wanted to let you know that for me it is a miracle

    Rosacea relief

    I have to say how pleased I am with Grahams Rosacea Cream. I have suffered with it for more years than I can remember. I have been to all sorts of Drs, Chemists & all sorts of Beauty Company's... but have never had such relief & softness in such a short time with the use of your product. A friend sent it to me from Hervey Bay & he is a man!!! The money I have spent !!!! I am 75yrs but was a champ/swimmer in pools then married to a Ironman (ocean) and never ever looked after my skin as I should, even falling asleep under a sun/ray lamp in my twenties....stupid! ...I have paid the price. I am very very pleased thus far...Thank-you & I have just purchased more of your products. Helen Wentworth Falls,N.S.W

    Eczema relief - C+ cream

    Hello Geoff, Firstly I have to say how pleased I was to receive my order so quickly. Is it only available on-line through you? I have been using the C+ cream for a week now, and cannot believe the difference it has made. The texture of the cream is amazing, and it is so easy to apply. I should add that I have tried many creams over the years, e.g. Sorbolene, Dermaveen, Aveena, etc., etc., but none of these has had anywhere near the same effect as your product. My eczema/dry skin problem was not chronic, but very annoying to say the least. Canberra's dry climate does not help! The most immediate relief I have had was to be able to get more quality sleep. I used to dread going to bed, as I knew I would get "itchy" at some time during the night, and it drove me mad. I am using the cream as needed, but more importantly just before I retire at night. So, apart from nightly visits to the loo, I am sleeping much more soundly than I have in a long time. I am not scratching any more and my skin has already become much smoother. I'm sorry I didn't take some before photo's. My background - I am 74 / infantile eczema as baby, ( I would be bathed in Condy's Chrystals [Potassium permanganate] ) / then asthma from an early age until 15 years, and now late onset asthma has returned. Please feel free to contact me again, and use any of my information as you see fit. yours very gratefully, Gordon

    It works!

    Hi Geoff Just wanted to let you know that after applying your Eczema & Dermatitis cream to my feet & shins for just one day. I have slept well with no desire to scratch/bleed. Thank you so much for sharing your product. Cheers & enjoy Easter Greg Bundaberg

    Psoriasis relief

    Firstly I would like to thank you for giving my son and myself a chance to try these products Graham's natural! I personally have suffered psoriasis for 28 years and my son for most of his 12 years. Psoriasis is very hard to control and is a very frustrating condition, we have used most of the product's on the market without any real results. The first night I tried the cream I was surprised to notice that the itch was so calm, I have a large area in the back of my head as does my son, he also has patches on his forehead and nose areas. We use the shampoo and conditioner and have seen great results, my boy tells me his head is not itchy and his face is not red and scaly anymore, also we are using the cream with wonderful results. I would recommend anyone who is suffering these skin conditions to use these products. Thank you once again. Kind regards Julie

    Baby Eczema Cream

    Firstly, thank you for your amazing Baby Eczema Cream - it is the only cream that has worked for our darling daughter. I just wanted to know if you will be bringing out a bigger size than 150mL/pump pack, or if we should buy the regular eczema cream now, as she is now 20mths? Just as we go through a lot of cream

    C+ Cream success!

    Good Morning I am just writing to say, how much I am enjoying using your c+ Eczema Dermatitis Relief cream. I purchased from The Chemist Warehouse in Albany Auckland N.Z about a week ago an am amazed at the difference it has made to my Eczema/Dermatitis on my face. I have had this problem for around 6 years and thought would send you a photo of SOME of the creams I have used over this time. These include prescriptions from the Doctor. Am hoping that you will continue producing this product. Many thanks Kind Regards Anne

    Psoriasis relief - Thank you!

    My daughter has suffered from psoriasis for over 10 years and there is not a cream on the market we haven't tried . So as you can imagine when my chemist suggested this " new cream" I was pretty skeptical.... however ...WOW - within 24 hours of the first application the redness was almost gone ! Now a week later the difference is ridiculous - I wish I could attach a photo to this as the difference is outstanding . I am so impressed I went and purchased the Rosacea cream for myself ... so far the results aren't as dramatic however I don't care because, my daughters skin is as clear as it was after 4 weeks of light therapy . I am very very impressed with your product and will be highly recommending it to everyone Fiona

    Baby moisturising lotion

    Hi Geoff, Our daughter Alice has had eczema since she was about 6 weeks old. Long story short your baby moisturising lotion product has been a life changer, Alice no longer has the need for steroid creams if we use the moisturiser twice a day. I'm glad that you reached out as I only saying to my husband the other day I wish it came in a squeeze tube like the eczema cream product- the pump is only good for the first two thirds of the product then it becomes really annoying to get the bottom third out (especially when you have an impatient toddler running around after bath time). It would also be helpful if it had a larger size option as the smaller 125ml doesn't last us very long when we are covering her head to toe. Many thanks for making an amazing product, Alice is now a very happy bubbly child and no longer a sick child uncomfortable with eczema. Kind regards, Heather

    C+ Cream

    Thank you so much for your email , it is actually for my 90 year old mother that lives with us ... I stated with the small tube to see if it worked for her and she absolutely loves it so that is why I got the larger tube ... thank you again , I look forward to dealing with you more in the future Graham .. I have been shouting your praises all over my Facebook too many thanks again kind regards Chanel

    Deodorant is fantastic!

    I want to say thank you to you for creating a deodorant that is suitable for my skin type. I have tried so many other natural products that caused irritation but your deodorants are perfect for my skin. Also I brought your new shampoo from the chemist last week and my family love it

    Baby Eczema Cream

    Hi Geoff, What an amazing product you have made! Right from the start our little baby girl had very sensitive skin. She had the worst nappy rash that made her cry every nappy change and during her bath times. It was heartbreaking to see her in pain, especially as first time parents. Using the nappy rash cream you designed helped to soothe her bottom so well. Then we found she had sensitive skin when it came to using generic bath washes and creams. So we went straight to your product and could not be happier! They are fantastic and it helps moisturize her skin so well as she was starting to get slight peeling on her arms and face. It is so reassuring to know that what we are putting on her skin will not cause any irritation and discomfort. Honestly so happy that I found your product after seeing it advertised on TV one night. So thank you for creating such a great product that we are confident to use and recommend to friends and family. Warm regards, Katie

    Shampoo is great!

    Hello Geoff I am glad that I found your product. The shampoo has been the only one to clear up my scalp AND leave my hair soft instead of wiry! Thank you! Lois Walker PS order arrived today so fantastic service.

    C+ Cream

    Hello Geoff, Thank you for the warm welcome and the prompt delivery of the goods. Since my young nephew came into my care 16 months ago I have been trying to improve his range of health and developmental issues. His Eczema has been very difficult and I have been unhappy at the amount of steroid creams I have been using to try and get it under control. I have tried a range of natural alternatives with little success. I received the package last night and bathed him in the oil and put the cream on. I am being cautiously optimistic, but the large red patches particularly around his knees have already faded to a dull pink after 2 applications. PLUS, a big big plus, he isn't crying that the cream is burning his sores as he usually does with the steroids. Thank you again Regards Robyn

    Psoriasis relief

    I had suffered from psoriasis for nearly a year before trying Grahams skincare products. However, I tried their shampoo and conditioner and within a few weeks, my scalp psoriasis had calmed almost completely. GONE were the patches of irritated, red and inflamed skin and build up, I was left with a completely clear scalp. I am so grateful to have found these products and they are miracle workers for my scalp psoriasis. Also, after using their psoriasis body creams, I too saw a dramatic improvement in my body’s psoriasis. I had a few inflamed areas and overnight their redness and itchiness subsided substantially and again, after a few weeks of repeated use, I was left with completely clear skin. The Grahams products have become my holy grail and I will DEFINITELY be continuing to purchase them. Nada

    I Love your Shampoo!

    Hi Geoff I have been having trouble with an Insanely itchy scalp for a couple of years now, and have been trying all sorts of different so called sensitive skin shampoos and conditioners. I am 56 years old and been getting my hair coloured for about 20 years have developed a sensitivity to that too. Mainly because my scalp had small open sores and the die stung, I was almost at a point when I was going to tell my hairdresser to stop colouring it, I am quiet grey. I saw your story on a current affairs show on tv, and thought that I would give a new product one last try. Instantly my scalp stopped itching! A couple of weeks later I had my hair coloured, no stinging! I love your product. I have suffered with sensitive skin since I was a child and have always been able to control it. So I am used to being careful, but never had an issue with my scalp before. Thank you for producing such an incredible product Jill

    Your cream is a god send

    Hi Geoff Your cream is a god send My partner has suffered eczema since a young child It has been on and off mainly in the winter season or working on heavy machinery and has struggled to find a cure for his often occurring eczema not even doctors cortisone creams would work There would be days he would itch and itch and itch making himself bleed was terrible. I am so thankful for the night you first aired on TV I brought your cream that night and it arrived 2 days later my partner started using it instantly in hope he finally found something that would help him It started working but not quite That is when i read your bottle and it stated that, to use the bathing oils and soaps So on next round of ordering a new tube of cream i also ordered your soap My god the difference is unreal

    Excellent Product - A God Send!

    I purchased the cream recently as my eczema was so severe I was hesitant to keep using steroid creams and I wanted a more natural product. I saw results within a few days and the itch ceased. I can't praise it enough. I have very sensitive skin but had no troubles. I wish I'd found this product years ago!

    C+ Eczema cream

    Hi! I just wanted to let you know how great your eczema cream is! I am 21 and have had eczema on and off my whole life, and nothing has worked as well as your cream! I was amazed at the difference of even just one day of treatment! I have already recommended it to many people, and my mom tells her patients about it too. I am so glad I found a product that works so well and is natural! Thank you!

    Rosacea cream - Love, Love, Love!

    Hi there Geoff, Very rare that any company would take the time or care to follow-up with such personalised care information, regardless of it being a personal email or auto response. I was actually planning to reach out to you to share my story (I dont do social media for a number of reasons, primarily I prefer to fly under the radar personally and professionally) and thank you for the what you have done to meticulously develop products for people with problematic skin care. Cutting through a life long story of bouts of dermatitis (contact and hive) and over bursts of facial acne rosacea - I was struck with a very severe round of acne rosacea end of 2018-early 2019. Again, cutting through a long story of consultations (natural and western medicine), I was passing through Chemist Warehouse early 2019 and stopped to read your family story on your product packaging - something I would not normally do and especially as I was looking for a body wash (was not aware at the time you manufactured one). Was so impressed, story resonate with me, I bought the Rosacea Cream and within 2 days my skin was healing, within 10 days acne (combined with diet) was gone. I have used the product daily now for 12 months, love, love love it and whilst I probably dont have need to use it currently I love the calming and anti-red/inflammatory affect of it. If I feel heat, I apply it and it is gone immediately. It changed my life, my outlook and well being. Suffice to say I wanted to try body wash etc., and could only find the body soap (which I also love, love, love) which has led me on line to look for body wash/other products which retail are not carrying. I have shared the product details with colleagues and people I also know with problematic skin. Thank you for these beautiful products and for the care and kindness you extend to your customers. Kind regards, Megan

    Eczema relief

    I saw a short video on facebook and thought I would give your products a try after having eczema under my feet for several years. Most ointments and creams have given little in the way of relief and healing so I figured I had nothing to lose. I have been attending a dermatologist for around a year and even the strongest ointment he could prescribe did not help much. This year I had 39 UV light treatments with some success but I found since using your oil and cream my feet are improving quite a bit. Using it as soon as the itch starts has helped me not to scratch and make them worse. So I decided to order a bigger amount this time. I was surprised that my first shipment arrived the day after ordering. I look forward to receiving my second order. Cheers Patricia

    Baby Eczema Cream

    Hi Grahams, I have some feedback from my daughter-in-law about the baby products and thought I would pass it on. My granddaughter (Thea) (cute as a button) is now 8 months old, started getting dry skin and eczema when she was approx. 5 months old so naturally I bombarded her with the products along with the story and education. She used the oil several times a day which included in her bath at night time & the baby eczema cream when needed. She was totally surprised at how well it worked together. She found an eczema patch on her cheek so she popped a little on there but it seemed a bit to strong for there as it made it very red almost like a burn. I suggested to just use a small amount of oil daily instead which has done the trick. You sent me awhile ago a baby moisturising cream and baby body wash so I gave it to her to try. Now a month down the track she has her own little routine going with the baby body wash for in the bath instead of the oil and she uses the oil afterwards which then still hydrates during the night. During the day she alternates between the oil and moisturising cream. She found this combination works well for Thea and she rarely has to use the baby eczema cream. She has not had to use the cradle cap oil much but said when she did it worked a treat! She is still using the nappy cream too. Just wanted to share a success story. It is also great as she goes to Mum and baby groups etc Any chance of CWH taking on the baby body wash? Regards, Sue