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    No Itch !

    I've tried heaps deodorants over many years and these products work - no itch, smell good too !

    It worked great 👍

    This helps my daughter's eczema. Works wonderful thank you

    As you can see my dogs paws are in a very bad way, the worst they have ever been. Every day I use the hot spot gel and sometimes the derma cream on his paws and put the socks on for at least an hour. I've been doing this for about a week, and I think I can see a slight improvement already. He isn't obsessively licking as bad as he used to. I will keep at it.

    Pet Drs Derma Cream
    Maureen p.
    This is a great product it has helped my dogs itching a lot thank you 👍

    Great product my dog has stoped biting his paws good to see thank you for this product

    Acne Pack
    Maryanne N.
    Love Love 🥰

    I am obsessed with this duo. I usually get an extra gel with this pack. I love how my skin looks and feels after. And I use it before any of my make up or even just the moisturiser & SPF on top and I’m done. ✨
    Definitely a MUST HAVE, especially if you have break outs like me.

    derma cream

    Worked wthin 2 days and stopped itching and redness Great product and Daisy enjoyed the application. She seemed to know it was going to help her. Here she is waiting for her treatment

    Natural Paw Balm
    Maureen S.

    Love Paw Balm, I use it twice during the day & it is GREAT. Baxter licks his feet after but it is thicker than Derma Cream so therefore can't lick it all off. Natural Paw Balm is a FANTASTIC product & will definitely continue using.

    Pet Drs Mega Oil
    Maureen S.

    I have been using Mega Oil for about 2 weeks now & Baxter has not been chewing at his feet anywhere near as much. He seems to like the oil on his meals. I think Mega Oil is definitely successful & am going to continue using it . Grat Product.

    Pet Drs Derma Cream
    Maureen S.

    I am on my second tube of derma cream & it gives Baxter relief from itching, however he will not keep socks on after after cream applied just rips the socks off & loves licking cream on his feet. All in all I have found Derma Cream to be fantastic..


    My daughter has the such dry skin and eczema and this eczema cream has cleared it almost completely up! I’m absolutely amazed with the results, we have tried so many creams that have never worked, until I bought this one. Will definitely be purchasing again!

    Shampoouch Pack
    Allison T.

    Best dog shampoo I’ve ever used on my poodle. His coat was soft and clean. Totally recommend. I will be using this on him all the time now.
    Many thanks

    Eczema Cream

    I recently bought your Eczema and dermatitis relief cream and I just want to say it has changed my life my hands feel amazing
    Thank you for this product

    Great product

    This cream really works, the only problem is that I should use it more often to stop him licking and nibbling his legs. I will buy more after winter when he's outside and on the grass more as the grass is what he's allergic to. He loves the taste and likes me to put it on so he can lick it off.

    Rosacea Cream
    Karen S.

    After trying many creams for my daughters Rosacea, “Graham’s Rosacea cream “is the only one that’s made a huge difference and kept it under control . Highly recommend

    Works a treat!

    Stopped our 2y/0 labby from chewing sores in himself & all the vet trips!! 🥰🥰 need bigger tubs so not ordering so often though 😊

    Acne Gel
    Ivana D.
    Holy Grail

    I cannot stress enough the effect this holy grail gel has had on my acne prone skin. Coming from somebody who's tried everything from benzoyl peroxide to salicylic acid, this non aggressive, soothing gel has significantly reduced my redness and some of the acne visibly and I've only been using it for a week. Just repurchased the whole acne pack. Dear Grahams Natural, I cannot thank you enough for this product, please don't ever change the ingredients, you literally improved my quality of life.

    Anti itch cream

    It is working well. Except my dig like the taste of it and licks it off.

    C+ Eczema and Dermatitis Cream

    Ive been using the cream day and night on my feet for the last 2 weeks. I have very dry skin lesions from Vitiligo.
    Every day i can see a difference, the dry skin is almost all gone and no more itching. I LOVE these products.

    The reviews were right

    I purchased based on the reviews. Our little dog is driven mad each evening licking her paws and everything we have tried had been useless.
    This has worked each time and she settles quickly after applying it. It is easy to apply and has a pleasant scent.
    I would definitely recommend and will repurchase happily.

    Pet Drs ShamPOO
    Linda G.

    Lovely shampoo, fur very soft with a nice smell

    Derma Cream

    Very happy with this product, works well, not so many trips to the vets now ☺️

    Shampoouch Pack
    Susan M.
    I LOVE this!

    Outstanding products, outstanding ingredients, outstanding prices!

    Mineral Deodorant
    samantha h.

    Have only recently started using Grahams deodorant but i am glad i have. I have finally found a product that not only smells good and is a good deodorant but it doesnt make my armpits itch. A winning product

    Natural Body Wash
    samantha h.
    Nice product

    Have only used this a few times however have found it to be a really nice non drying/irritating wash

    Rosacea Cream
    samantha h.
    Best ever

    I have tried a lot of products over the years but i can honestly say Grahams Rosacea cream is the absolute best i have used. Not only has it taken down the redness etc but it leaves my skin beautifully moisturised and soft without any greasy residue. Will never go back to any other product.